As mentioned, the apartment will likely need additional employees. At the least, a couple rental agents, a few people to clean the building, and maintenance. The goal will be to keep the employees as long as possible, and obviously weed out the bad ones. Employees will be paid based on job description, education in the field, and experience. This will be divided into tiers. The tiers and salary is as follows:
Tier 1: $3400/month
Tier 2: $4200/month
Tier 3: $5000/month
Tier 4: $5800/month
Tier 5: $6600/month

In addition, every employee will have UPMC health insurance, a telephone number as their work number, an email address, a profile page located on the site’s team sub-domain, and a listing in the directory.

Since this is a salary, most employees will not have a set 8 hour shift, however they will be expected to take care of their duties whether it takes one hour per month, or sixty hours per month. Also each employee will be required to compose their profile page on the team sub-domain.