There are apartments reserved for Housing Choice Voucher program from HUD. These apartments range from floors 4 – 17 (14 floors). These units will be appraised at above fair market rent, and therefore – the difference can be deducted for tax purposes. Form floors 18 – 29 + 30, there will be 2BR apartments that are at market value rent. These units will exceed what should be charged for Housing Choice Vouchers. Such tenants to rent these units will be charge their portion + the difference. For example, fair market rent for a 2BR will be $890. The Model E unit will be charged at $1100. This will mean the tenant will have to pay an additional $210 which will likely not be affordable. 

All units will include a number of utilities. This is mostly due to the design and convenience of hte tenant more than anything else. All rents will include the following

  • Electricity
  • Heat
  • Internet
  • Trash
  • Water/Sewage

The rents are charged based on the unit model letter. The rents are likely not negotiable. The rent is as follows:

  • A (Studio): $660
  • B (1 BR): $730
  • C and D (2 BR): $890
  • E (2 BR): $1100
  • F (2 BR): $1250
  • G (2 BR): $1500
  • H (Penthouse): No Vacancy

The total for the rent assuming at 100% occupancy will be $86,730/month.