The B units are 1BR, and 1 bathroom apartments. As you enter the unit, you will presented with the option of going straight into the kitchen, or turning right to go into the living room. As you move into the living room, you would be presented with a door on the left side for the bathroom, and striaght for the bedroom. In the bedroom will reside the laundry closet followed by a large walk-in closet.

The B unit will host a coaxial jack in the living room as well as the bedroom. This jack is for cable TV services. In the living room, under the coaxial jack will sit an RJ11 jack for telephone, and a RJ45 jack for internet.

The B unit is ideal for single people, or a romantic couple. However, there will only be 14 units, so when one becomes available, there will likely be a waiting list for these units.