The E unit is the cheapest and smallest unit for the conventional units available. These units are 2 stories with a set of U style stairs to navigate between the floors. As you enter the unit, the closet and lavatory is to the left while the kitchen is to the right. Moving forward, one would come across the mechical room, and stairs to the second floor on the left with the living space straight ahead. Going upstairs will offer a bathroom on the left with a laundry closet, and secondary bedroom. Going to the right from the stairs will offer the primary bedroom with a dedicated bathroom.

Both bedrooms will offer an RG6 coaxial jack for cable TV, and an RJ45 jack for networking. In the living room, there is an RG6 coaxial jack for TV, an RJ11 for telephone, and 2 RJ45 jacks for networking. The communications lines will go to the comms closet in the living room where one would connect to the resources available. There will also be a Wifi-6 access point to provide wireless networking.