The F units are a more square dimensions which might make them feel a little small – however these units are not small. As you walk into the unit – you enter the foyer which will take you to the kitchen. Next to the kitchen is the mechanical room. Walking pass the mechanical orom will take you into the dining room and to the right – the lavatory. Going to the right of the living room is the secondary bedroom with a dedicated bathroom. Walking to the other side of the living room is the communciations closet and then to the primary bedroom The primary bedroom hosts the laundry closet, two closets, and its own bathroom.

In each bedrooms, there is a RG6 coaxial jack for cable TV, and an RJ45 jack for networking. The living room also has an RG6 coaxial for television, RJ11 for telephone, and 2 RJ45 for networking. On the ceiling of the living room will have an Wifi-6 access point for wireless netowrking.