The penthouse will be reserved exclusively for me (assuming I could have this tower). The penthouse is more than 6000 square feet (558 sq meters) of living space. In addition, there will be a dedicated reception area on the floor below. This will allow a receptionist to intervene on any visitor coming to the penthouse without interfering with the home of the penthouse. The reception area will have a locked door to a 2 story elevator, and the reception room. Behind the reception room will sit a kitchenette and lavatory. The reception area will also have a coaxial jack for TV, and 3 RJ45 jacks for networking. There is also an RJ11 jack for the fax machine which will sit in the area.

The main portion of the penthouse will be the entire floor above. Access to the penthouse will be from the reception area, or the common elevators with an authorized key card. Entering from the common elevators will enter a mud room which will allow the residents and visitors to take their shoes off. Common guests will have slippers just for them. Turning left will reach to the lavatory, then the kitchen, and within the kitchen is the reception elevator. Next to the kitchen will be the dining room followed by the living room. From the living room, one will turn right to the great room with doors to the sun room and home office. Continuing through the great room will merge into the bedroom wing which will have three bedrooms, and each bedroom with their own bathroom. From this wing, there will be stairs to go to the dedicated outdoor space via stairs. In the center will be a hall for the mechanical room, laundry room, communications room, and trash chute.

There will be an RG6 coaxial jack in the communications room, living room, great room, home office, and all of the bedrooms. 3 RJ45 jacks are located in the living room, great room, home office, sun room, and bedrooms. Throughout each wing’s center, there will be Wifi6 access points. There will also be an access point for the dedicated outdoor space. There is no RJ11 jack as the RJ45 jack can serve the same role that an RJ11 jack will do. This is due to the sufficient number of RJ45 jacks.

The penthouse will have a battery backup system. This will provide power to all outlets during a power outage. This is different from the other units as they only get essential outlets powered during an outage. As for mailing, the penthouse will get a dedicated street address, although I would probably not use it often preferring my PO Box.